wedding favours



TRASPARENZE's unique wedding favours make for indelible memories, transforming all your special moments, births, marriages, comunions, confirmations or any event you wish to remember and make unique into something unforgettable.

Thanks to innovative technologies and high quality materials, we are able to create original, carefully handcrafted items of great visual effect.

Various and original forms in crystal are engraved by our able professionals, helping us to obtain special effects, even in 3D. The photo of your marriage or your child, will be immortalized in a splendid diamond, thus remaining a wonderful memory.

Engravings of beautiful poetry, "precious" songs or special promises can be engraved on hearts, pyramids or 3D cubes, thus transforming them into particular and unique objects, which capture the essence of the moment, making it "for ever".

Creative ideas and amazing design will stupify friends and relatives for its originality.  

Want something more classic? An amazing keychain, in whatever form you wish, engraved with your name or with short sweet sentences, can accompany sugar coated almonds. 
A common object can transform into something special that you can always have by your side.

With TRASPARENZE you won't lose precious moments, but capture them in particular, original and unique objects.

Our wedding favours will be completed with the best sugar coated almonds available on the market, according to your tastes and needs. They will moreover be packaged  with little cards stating date, location, name or other information.

Your every idea can be realized and personalised by TRASPARENZE. Contact us via email or telephgone and we will most certainly find the best solution to satisfy your wishes.