TRASPARENZE realizes and customizes complementary accessories on demand in crystal, glass or plexiglass.

The ancient and unchanging charm of transparent materials are a constant presence in the interior decoration sector.  They are resistant and functional and allow to realize objects of high quality, from clean and linear forms which go perfectly well with both classic and modern styles. Thanks to their capacity to reflect and diffuse light in the room they also give an impression of open space and brightness in any area.

With a transparent partition, natural light can be taken advantage of, creating a continuous visual effect, enlargening spaces.  With a crystal table or coffeetable, sofas or brightly coloured walls are emphasized and create an original and refined corner in your home.  The steps of a staircase can be made of glass and crystal, without jeopardising safety, creating an airy and visually less cumbersome area.

Whatever be your need, we are able to realize tables, windows, transparent partitions and staircases upon request.  Our trusted expert staff cut and molar glass and crystal, personalizing them with our laser engraving.  Thanks to the use of the latest machinery we are able to engrave any inscription, decoration or immage with a high precision for details and without scratching the external surface.

Our craftsmanship includes the possibility of designing in 3D, creating a floating effect inside the crystal, which can render your complementary accessories unique and special.

If you wish to bring charm and elegance to your home, call or contact us via email.  Our experience and professionality will be able to satisfy your desires to the maximum.



15x20x30 mm

20x20x20 mm

diametro 20x10 mm

Knob A
diam 15 lunghezza 25 mm

Knob B
diam 20 lunghezza 30 mm

Knob C
diam 40 lunghezza 60 mm

Pink Diamond
60x30 mm

Blue Diamond
60x30 mm

Transparent Diamond
60x30 mm



T60 Round
diam. 60x6 mm

SR65 Pink star
65x65x9 mm

P65 Pine
65x70x6 mm